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Whether you are an owner of a small repair shop or even a freelance graphic designer–if you are a US citizen or resident, as per the US Federal and State law, you are required to pay taxes.

While it may be tempting to try out the tax filing yourself, what most taxpayers underestimate is not only the time and effort required to do the filing but the skill required to do it correctly. When done correctly, tax filing can save you thousands of dollars in deductions and credit opportunities and lessen the tax burden magnificently.

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We are D.C. area’s premium tax preparation service firm. We have been serving our community for many years with distinction. With the customer-centered approach, excellent service and professional handling, your tax filings are in secure hands.

Individual Approach

For us, every customer is as important as our biggest business client.

Modern Technologies

We have invested heavily in modern, cutting-edge technologies to make our process smoother.

Complex Sollutions

Whether it is your individual taxes or business tax filings, our prices are competitive and affordable.

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Hurry up! Contact us today for free consultation and let us take care of your tax preparations.

Can't File Your Own Taxes?

This is where the skill comes in–a missed deduction can be worth thousands of dollars. As experienced players in the industry, we at Fairfax Tax Consulting have been around for years and have advanced understanding of tax planning. Our experience tells us that a lot of clients who previously filed taxes themselves tend to have a history of missed deductibles which cost much more than the fees of even the most premium professional tax planning firms.

With Fairfax’s Professional Tax Preparation Service, expect to be catered for all individual tax needs including progressive, proportional and regressive kind. We cater to all levels of tax preparation, so whether it’s local taxes or state or federal ones–we offer one-stop consultation for everything.

Because all members of our team are legal and accounting experts, we at Fairfax Tax Services guarantee a 100% error-free tax filing. Get specialized consultation and Tax preparation for resident and non-resident returns with total data security and maximum deductions. We also offer expert advice on IRS queries as per the needs of our clients. For our clients holding foreign accounts, we also offer tax preparation as per Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) for Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR). Leave all your hassles behind with Fairfax’s quick, reliable and affordable individual tax preparation services.

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From Our Chairman

Fairfax Tax Services is proudly serving our community in Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. Every day, I ensure that all our tax professionals, accountants, and legal consultants provide services to our clients nothing less than stellar.

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Final Strategy

Whatever your tax situation is, we will make sure that your tax preparation will be flawless and accurate.


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